Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boo-tiful Onesie

It's the middle of September and we're gearing up Halloween over in our house. My FAVORITE holiday and I just love the decorating, the crafting, and the candy eating. My girlfriend is having her baby on October 5th and wanted to make sure the precious little one had something to wear for her first Halloween so I whipped this one up for her.

I'm still experimenting with using the Cricut to cut fabric and decided to make this onesie. The new Halloween Cricut cartridge isn't supposed to ship for a few more weeks so I decided to use some fabric with Halloween colors and cut some letters to spell out "boo". It actually worked out perfect because I was working with a tiny onesie and didn't have much room for the applique. I used the Cricut Alphabet cartridge which came loaded on my E2 and cut the letters in the Font 1 Shadow. Of course I used the good ol' Heat N Bond Ultra to adhere my letters and I then hand-stitched the letters with some orange embroidery floss to make them pop.

I'm just starting up my Etsy shop and this "Boo" Onesie will be my first item in there. Hoping to get some other stuff up soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition (With Blue-eyed Girl Elf Wearing Skirt)For the last week or two, I've seen The Elf on the Shelf everywhere I look. At people's homes, on Facebook pages, and even mentioned on TV shows. I feel really deprived because after Googling The Elf on the Shelf I see it says "A Christmas Tradition". Now, I grew up in a home where the holidays are a REALLY big deal which means Christmas music before Thanksgiving, lights up the day after Thanksgiving and several trees decorated with lights and ornaments. So how come we never had an elf named Curly sitting on our mantle? Can someone please fill me in on how long this tradition has been going on and I really hope that I can make up some lost time by getting one now. And who picks the name of the elf? I've seen some crazy ones on Facebook pages and I didn't know they were talking about an elf in their status update until I saw the attached picture. Another question. I see they sell boy elves and girl elves, blue eyed ones and brown eyed ones, how do you pick what to get if you have a brown eyed girl and a blue eyed boy at home? I'm really curious about this Elf on the Shelf phenomenon that no one told me about. It's kind of like when I watched the AMA red carpet last week and had no ideas who anyone was anymore. Maybe my pondering over the shelf elf is just an early sign of holiday stress but I'm really wondering about this one.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

Geesh,. I just looked at the date of my last blog and it was quite awhile ago. Time got the best of me with tons of stuff going on in our family. Mostly good things like celebrating our little one's first birthday and my birthday which are the same day then my hubby's two days later. We also had our family in town for the baby's birthday bash and had a wonderful visit with them. And then of course all three of us got sick on our birthdays which added to the chaos. Somehow Thanksgiving snuck up on us without a warning and I'm sitting here the night before Cyber Monday wondering where the time has gone. After the short hiatus, I'm back to not only posting here but as well and perfect timing with holiday shopping time. We're still working on our gift guide and hope to have it out soon. I'm designing our holiday cards for this year and the inside says "the most wonderful time of the year" and I really mean it. These next few weeks will be so much fun and I'm really excited about the decorating, the eating, the giving of gifts and love and all of the good stuff the season brings.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday on the radio I heard about Movember and wanted to share what I heard because it not only hits close to home for me but most likely will for you too or at least affect someone you love. Movember is a worldwide charity event and prostate cancer awareness movement that has raised $42 million to date. Why is it called Movember? Because guys are asked to start growing a MO-ustache on the first day of November and keep it going for 30 days. This way when people ask what prompted them to start a furry thing above their lip, they can explain what Movember is and get others involved. The movement started in Australia in 2003 and now countries all over the world are participating and if you would like to or want your man to do so, visit Money raised will go to Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. The statistics are astounding and scary. One in six men will get prostate cancer and there are 24 types of this cancer known to date. We wore the pink for the ladies, let's get hairy for the boys. How does it affect me? My grandfather has been battling prostate cancer for five years. My papa is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and those who have will say the same thing. He's not just a grandfather but a close friend and I adore him just like everyone in our family does. I'm staring at my hubby's Movember moustache right now and hoping others join him in this cause and help raise awareness and funds for the battle against prostate cancer. This one's for you Papa.

Tweet Tweet Card

A couple of months ago I borrowed my mom's Cricut and discovered how much fun it is to create cards. I really should be working on a scrapbook for my baby but there's something about cards that I really enjoy. I've done a few birthday cards and did a couple of Halloween ones and even made the invitations for my little one's first birthday. My favorite cartridge is the Create-A-Critter and there are so many adorable things to make using it. This is my Tweet Tweet card which will be going to a friend just to let her know I'm thinking of her...she reads my blog so sorry for seeing this before it hits your mailbox. If any of you are into Cricutting I would love to see your creations.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For those of you who follow me, you know I'm not only a book lover but a huge proponent of reading books to our children. I found one of the coolest programs and it's called  Sign up for this program and you will be able to pick from tons of books to read to your kiddies online and for each book you read, one will be donated to a literacy campaign. Pick from favorites like Corduroy Lost and Found and Madeline or read something fun and new. We just read Goodnight Goon and my campaign "Conspiracy for Good" is going to receive a book. This campaign helps replace 10,000 kidnapped books that were intended for a new library for schoolchildren in Zambia and you can choose to support this campaign or others. Reading has always been a passion of mine and I've always been lucky enough to have books at my fingertips to enjoy so helping children across the world and in our own country discover the excitement of reading a new story and losing themselves in the adventure is so important to me. If you are interested in joining the movement to support global literacy, go to and start reading.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun and Easy Autumn Centerpiece

Our dining room furniture is black and I'm always changing up the table centerpiece to add a pop of color to the room or just reflect the mood I'm feeling. Yesterday I stumbled across the easiest DIY centerpiece and it will last through the end of November. For $5.99 at Trader Joe's, you can pick up a pumpkin tree branch and just one is enough to make a statement. If you're using one, put it in a mason jar for a rustic look. For a modern twist, put a couple of the branches in a tall, thin glass vase. I also love this as a hostess gift for a dinner party. Another winner from Trader Joe's! While we're on the topic of TJ's, I just read the Fearless Flyer and saw they have pumpkin cream cheese. Something else to pick up on my next trip.