Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday on the radio I heard about Movember and wanted to share what I heard because it not only hits close to home for me but most likely will for you too or at least affect someone you love. Movember is a worldwide charity event and prostate cancer awareness movement that has raised $42 million to date. Why is it called Movember? Because guys are asked to start growing a MO-ustache on the first day of November and keep it going for 30 days. This way when people ask what prompted them to start a furry thing above their lip, they can explain what Movember is and get others involved. The movement started in Australia in 2003 and now countries all over the world are participating and if you would like to or want your man to do so, visit Money raised will go to Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. The statistics are astounding and scary. One in six men will get prostate cancer and there are 24 types of this cancer known to date. We wore the pink for the ladies, let's get hairy for the boys. How does it affect me? My grandfather has been battling prostate cancer for five years. My papa is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and those who have will say the same thing. He's not just a grandfather but a close friend and I adore him just like everyone in our family does. I'm staring at my hubby's Movember moustache right now and hoping others join him in this cause and help raise awareness and funds for the battle against prostate cancer. This one's for you Papa.

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  1. my husband grew one for movember too! would love to swap the cause, not sure how i feel about the stache. he looks like a guest star on c.h.i.p.s.