Monday, October 4, 2010

September Results of the Great Pantry Experiment

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 12- Cup Mini Popover Pan
September is over and so is the Great Pantry Experiment. The whole point was to use what we already have in the cupboards when making meals in order to meet our grocery budget for the month. And the results? On the downside, we were 15% over budget. On the upside,  We're usually 25% over budget. The other positive to come out of this is that we tried new recipes and added some new favorites to the family cookbook. A month wasn't really enough for us to clean out the pantry and the shelves are still full so I've decided to continue this experiment. For some reason, I bought flour like it was going to be discontinued so some baking will be done today. We've had enough of the sweet stuff after going through two loaves of Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread in a week and a half (this was the best pumpkin bread recipe I've tried ever) so I'm going to make popovers. I haven't had a popover since I was a kid and I remember requesting them for my birthday to my mom. Most kids ask for a pony and I ask for a popover. Anyways, I was reading the October issue of Country Living and found this popover recipe so I'm going to try it out today. Here's to coming under budget on our grocery bills this month and to making a darn good popover even though I know it will not be as good as my mom's.

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