Friday, September 3, 2010

Support Your Local Brewery

A few weeks ago we wanted to try something fun that wouldn't require a lot of driving or money. We heard there were a few breweries in our neighborhood via Yelp and thought it would be interesting to check one out, especially since we live in the 'burbs and you don't expect a brewery to be located in between the Trader Joe's and elementary school. It turns out the local business park up the road and next to Target houses a brewery with lots of ales, a few ports, and a bunch of beer drinking people on a Saturday afternoon. For $6 we had a flight of 8 beers and they poured 2 ounces of each for the tasting. Not too shabby. One I wanted to buy and the rest were just okay but for six bucks I'm not complaining. We got to try something new and had a really good time doing it. Plus we supported a local business which is always cool. Come to find out, there are two more breweries within two miles of our house so the next time we're feeling thirsty. you know where to find us. Go to to find your local brewery or two and head over there. this Labor Day Weekend. also has a really helpful pairing chart for when you're deciding what type of beer to serve with different courses of your meal. Support a business in your hood and drink some beer while doing it. You won't hear any complaints from this house.

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