Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sassy Elmo? Halloween Costumes Gone Bad

Halloween is probably my most favorite holiday (tied with Christmas and tied with Fourth of July) so when October hits I'm all about spooky movies and bagged fun size candy bars. We already have a costume for the little one but figured we needed to dress up too for the different parties and festivals we're going to this year. When looking for a safari hat in the adult section of costumes online, I stumbled across a Sassy Elmo costume. What the heck? Besides Sassy Elmo, you can get Sassy Cookie Monster and Sassy Big Bird. I don't know why I find this so strange and somewhat disturbing. I thought maybe my son's new fascination for Elmo (the real one, not the sassy one) is what made me weirded out but it's more the idea that a grown person wants to dress up like a Sesame Street character. I totally get the notion of wanting to dress up like a sexy something for Halloween and believe me, I've done my share over the years, but what makes one think looking like Elmo is hot? He is a furry red creature with an incredibly annoying voice and is the least desirable object that comes to mind. If anyone out there has picked out one of these Sassy Sesame costumes to be their disguise this Halloween, let me know what made you decide to be Sassy Elmo. And by the way, what about Sassy Snuffleupagus and Sassy Oscar the Grouch?

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