Thursday, September 9, 2010

Need Ideas for the Weekend?

I've loved Country Living magazine for years because it has so many cool ideas about how to discover things in your own backyard. They used the term locavore way before it was trendy and farmers markets were all the rage. I'm a fan of Country Living on Facebook and the other day they shared a fun find, A Day's Outing. Just in time for the weekend, the website's mission is to help you find a day trip in your area based on your interests whether it be a festival, museum, park, or walking trail. You  have the option of finding something in various distances from the zip code you enter and you can select your date range meaning if it's going on tomorrow, next week or all of the time. After entering my info with a parameter of 30 miles I got over 30 ideas and I had done about half of them, heard about some, and had no clue about a few of the places and I've lived in the area almost my whole life. We chose one for Sunday and we're going to pack up a picnic lunch and check out a state park we've never been to and it's only 15 miles away. You can also download their app to your iPhone if you'd like but I'm sticking to the web version because it's free and hey, that's a few bucks more I can use towards having some fun this weekend.

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