Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Think You Know Someone

Last night I had a serious chocolate craving so I whipped up a batch of brownies (BTW, boxed brownies from Target at 65 cents a pop are pretty good). I was busy when the timer went off so my husband took them out and put them on the cooling rack. He was pretty quiet doing it then all of a sudden he decided to tell me a story about his childhood. The baking must have brought back some memories and he simply said, "One time in school I was supposed to invent something for a school project and I waited until the last minute to tell my mom and my invention had to be her bran muffins." I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes for different reasons. First, the image of my husband as a 9-year old boy showing up at school with a plate of muffins while the other kids had robots and rockets was hilarious. Second, I was so impressed with my mother-in-law's ability to think quick on her feet because I can guarantee you, knowing my husband, it was Sunday night at 9 PM when he told her about this. Then I pictured my little one ten years from now coming to me and saying he needed an invention in 8 hours and the only thing I could think of to make was the batch of Target brand brownies. I think the main reason I was laughing was because I had never heard this story in all the years of knowing my husband and I had no idea where it came from and what other anecdotes he had waiting for me. You think you know someone until they tell you they brought bran muffins to school as their invention.

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