Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chilling on the Patio

With a new addition to the family, our indoor living space started to feel a little cramped so we decided to take it outside. We wanted an area where we could have our little one play and us relax as well as entertain family friends, all while feeling comfortable like we were inside our home. The Madaga Gazebo is one of the best buys we’ve made in quite awhile and it has transformed our patio. For just a few hundred dollars it shades a large space (10 feet by 10 feet) and looks super expensive. I almost feel like we’re in a cabana at a fancy shmancy hotel instead of our backyard. The Madaga Gazebo is really sturdy and made of rust-resistant steel. The top has two tiers for ventilation and comes with mosquito netting to protect from the little buggers. For $20 extra bucks, Target carries white lights for gazebos for the extra touch and it looks so pretty at night. If you have some extra moolah to spend on your outdoor living space, take a look at the Madaga Deep Seating Set. The price is really reasonable for a conversation set and there is free shipping right now. Besides being multi-functional for the family, the Madaga Gazebo is great to look at and adds value to the home. Your guests will love it for the upcoming summer barbeques and you’ll be happy chilling out under it on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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  1. We totally invested in some patio furniture last year that I am soooo thankful for. We have a pretty big yard, and spend half the year out there. :) Good buy. Happy chillin.