Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Time

My little one is now three months old and has captured mine and Daddy's heart. These last few months have taught us a lot and every day is a new adventure. Needless to say the lack of sleep and round the clock feedings for our hungry little boy have made it difficult to keep up with our almost daily product reviews on Simple and Posh but now that we've got a semi-routine going you'll be seeing a lot more of S & P. We have tons of awesome products we want to share with you that we've discovered over the last few months as well as more giveaways. There is a little something for everyone so keep checking our website, our Facebook page, and our tweets on Twitter. Congrats to @ecocheapmom for winning the evolve Water Lily showerhead, just one of our eco-friendly giveaways. Enter the contest to win a Bark4Beer Dog Collar (check out details on our home page or Facebook page) and all of the parents out there are going to be soooo excited to hear what we have to give away, a big time baby gear item. We'll announce that one this week. The last few months have been hectic, life changing, and wonderful and thanks to our fans for our well wishes on our new little bundle of joy. We're so happy to be back at it with Simple and Posh and can't wait to share all of our finds with you!

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