Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Separated from Birth

Today on the radio, Ryan Seacrest asked Ellen who she would pick as the person whom she was separated from at birth (is that the correct usage of whom? If not, sorry). Ryan picked Kathy Griffin in case you were wondering. Now I now you're dying to know who I picked, I know probably not but here goes. Kelly Cutrone. Love, love, love her. Some of the things that come of her mouth are things I've said to people for years. When I first saw her on The Hills I had to check out who she was and what People's Revolution was all about. When the show Kell on Earth came out on Bravo I was glued to the TV. I think what sealed the deal was when I found out her book was titled If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. A long time ago I told one of my employees if they cried at work they should go home and think about coming back. It sounds mean, but what I meant is that if they were truly that unhappy then it probably wasn't the right place for them to be. And I also meant it's just really wussy to cry at work. It's just that I'm so blunt and things tend to come out harsh, just like Kelly, but I'm really trying to show that I care. Then I find out we're both Scorpios and Italian chicks. I mean seriously, we're sisters from another mother. Anyways, if you could pick one person to be your long lost twin, who would it be?

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