Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save Bucks on Britax

I can’t believe it’s already time to move our little one from his infant car set into a convertible car seat! He is a little ahead of schedule because he is one long baby boy and we weren’t planning on buying one for a few months so it was a bit of an unexpected cost for us this month. I knew I wanted a Britax after doing lots of research and lucky for us we found an awesome deal and wanted to share it with you. We decided the Britax Marathon met our needs best after using the Fit My Child tool on their website and after some surfing the baby sites, I found AMAZING deals on the carseat and wanted to share. The Britax Marathon is originally $280 and we got one for $200 on Diapers.com. The one we got was Sutton which is on closeout and so is Crestview which is $210. If you want a different style or different model of a Britax, use the code BRITAX15 and get 15% off. BabyEarth.com also has the Marathon on sale right now, 20% off to make it $240. Of course there is free shipping on both sites and we had ours the next day. Hurry over to check these deals out if you’re looking for a safe convertible carseat.


  1. We got our Combi carseat on diapers.com as well and saved a ton on it. Great site for those big purchases.

  2. We have that one - and love it. Mason is 3.5 and 40 pounds and still fits in it fine.